Who we are

Our Background

Human Rights Focus is a member-based human rights organisation with a countrywide mandate to promote and defend human rights. It was founded in 1994 in Northern Uganda to respond to the then deteriorating human rights situation in the region, resulting from civil strife and armed rebellion. HURIFO is registered in Uganda as an NGO with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and as a Company Limited by Guarantee. It has a nationwide mandate with a current geographical focus in the Acholi sub-region formed by Amuru, Agago, Gulu, Pader, Kitgum, Lamwo, Nwoya and Omoro districts. A Board of Trustees and a Board of Directors govern it.

HURIFO subscribes to Human Rights Network-Uganda (HURINET-U), Convention Against Torture (CAT), Northern Uganda Human Rights Network (NUHRN), and Gulu District NGO Forum, among other human rights networks. It has an extensive network of relationships with other organisations, local, national and international, working in the areas of human rights, transitional justice, democracy, and good governance.

Mr. Odongyoo Francis, the Excutive Director
Mr. Odongyoo Francis, the Excutive Director

Our Core Functions

  • Capacity building (training, public dialogues & Sensitizations) and mentorship to members, target groups rights holders & duty bearers, and partners in order to enhance enjoyment, protection, and fulfillment of rights.
  • Litigation (legal representation) on behalf of vulnerable indigent persons.
  • Mediation (as an Alternative Dispute Resolution) and legal counseling
  • Human rights monitoring and policy advocacy.
  • Research, documentation and information sharing on rights promotion, protection and fulfillment.
  • Networking and collaboration with stakeholders to enhance partnerships and harmonize human rights and development initiatives.

Vision Statement

“An environment where all human rights are upheld, fulfilled and enjoyed”

Mission Statement

Our Mission is “To promote and protect all human rights through empowering the local communities to demand and duty bearers to discharge their obligations for effective provision of justice, peace, good governance and accountability services”.

Our main organization activities:

  • Provision of legal aid services(giving free legal advice, guidance, counselling, representation and mediation services for the indigents);
  • Conducting community human rights awereness through sensitization, training, dialogues, media and publications).
  • Human rights monitoring, documenting, reporting research and advocacy.
  • Networking, and collaboration for human rights protection and promotion.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Onyuta Albert

Chairperson Board of Directors

Ayoo Joyce

Vice Chairperson

Charles Uma

Honorary Secretary & Chairperson Human Resource Committee

Dr. Emintone Odong Ayella

Honorary Treasurer & Chairperson, Finance Committee

Onyee John Paul

Board Member

Management Team

Odongyoo Francis

Executive Director

Okello James Owor

Finance and Administration Manager

Erejo Alex

Program Manager

Lamunu Olympia

Programm Officer

Athieno Clover

Programme Officer: Land Rights and Environmental Justice Athieno Clover.

Olal Francis Mark

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer: Francis Olal.

Akena Simon

Admistrative Assistant
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