A police officer and a court clerk attached to Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s court are being held for allegedly soliciting and receiving a bribe.

Inspectorate of Government (IGG) Spokesperson Ali Munira confirmed that a police officer Beatrice Muteesi and a court clerk Fabian Sendagi are in police custody on suspicion of soliciting and receiving a gratification.

Munira said the two suspects will appear before the Anti- Corruption Court in Kololo, Kampala tomorrow and be charged with corruption. She said they will be charged with soliciting and receiving gratification.

“They asked for sh350, 000 from the relatives of five people who were arrested on May8, for idle and disorderly and promised that they would settle the case,” Munira said.

Munira however, declined to give the details of the complaints saying it will jeorpadise the ongoing investigations.

In an interview with the New Vision, Munira said the complaints filed a complaint with the Inspectorate of Government and a trap was laid.

Story by the New Vision

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