The next five years will see HURIFO implement strategies that will aid at substantially reducing corruption and bribery in all its forms, collaborate and support the efforts of accountable, honest and transparent institutions and individuals at all levels and; promote inclusive, participatory and representative decision making at all levels, thus contributing to SDGs 16 (5,6,&7).  HURIFO will build capacity of citizens to demand for and monitor service delivery as well as participation in development planning and decision making.


(SO.4.1):    To promote citizenry, nationalism and civic responsibility.

(KRA 4.1) Competency of grassroots community to hold duty bearers accountable for human rights, service delivery enhanced.


Implementation Interventions

  1. Conduct community sensitization on civil rights and responsibilities.
  2. Sensitize the local communities to actively participate in governance and development programmes.
  • Train duty bearers on the local government planning process and service delivery to enable them to discharge their duties

(SO.4.2): To promote transparency and accountability in institutions responsible for service delivery.

(KRA 4.2): Transparency and accountability in institutions responsible for service delivery enhanced

Implementation Interventions

  1. Conduct community dialogues on resource allocation, monitoring, accountability and services (delivery) demands.
  2. Train right holders and duty bearers on values and ethics
  • Establish and support community structures to identify, report and or refer corruption tendencies in the community.
  1. Network and collaborate with formal and informal structures to reduce corruption in the communities for improved service delivery.
  2. Advocate for the enforcement of anti-corruption laws at all levels.


(SO 4.3) To promote democracy and rule of laws

(KRA 4.3) Improved democratic and rule of law practices


Implementation Interventions

  1. Research and identify bad and discriminatory practices, ordinances and byelaws and advocate for their revision.
  2. Carrying out joint trainings of duty bearers (local council leader (LCs) and the rights holders’ on governance and rule of laws.
  • Carrying out advocacy for freedom of association, expression, press, assembly, rule of law and good governance.